Volos spent a difficult night after the second catastrophic natural disaster, within twenty days, which hit its wider region with accumulated problems from floods, mud, damaged infrastructure and the despair of thousands of people in the city and its suburbs.

Many districts of Volos and its suburbs have been inundated by water and mud such as the Old Port Authority, Papadiamanti, Agios Panteleimonas, part of the center and the beach of Volos, Palaia, Agioi Anargyroi, Neo Delta, Neapoli, the Polytechnic, as Krausidonas overflowed.

In the city of Volos and in the suburbs of Agria and Alykes, the residents are trying to recover from the sweeping flood that destroyed houses, businesses, cars and everything else found in the path of the bad weather Elias.

“Within 20 days I was destroyed twice. Nothing is left standing. Water came into the house, we were filled with mud and everything I saved last time, now it has been destroyed. Our life changed. We have no place to sleep” says Mrs. Maria from Volos with tears in her eyes.

Her home was flooded by Wednesday’s devastating storm. She confesses that she has never been more scared in her life than that night. “We thought we were going to drown. You’ve never seen anything like this before. The waters rushed in and destroyed everything. What a godsend that was» he adds.


“We don’t have the courage to save anything anymore. We spent twenty days building the house and suddenly now we have to do everything from scratch. With what money? They must give us compensation immediately. Tomorrow morning. We have to buy new appliances, food to eat, a bed to sleep in,” points out another homeowner who surrendered to the rapids.


At the same time, the fire brigades of Magnesia continue to remove water from houses and shops, after the second bad weather. According to what he reported to magnesianews.gr, an executive of P.Y. In Volos, the calls from fellow citizens are continuous, with the result that levels of the service are scattered mainly in the city and in flooded areas and are trying.

Characteristic of the prevailing situation are the 1,520 calls received by the Operations Center of the Fire Brigade from Wednesday morning to 18.00 Thursday evening, while only from Wednesday to Thursday night there were 257 rescues in the city of Volos.


In the capital of Magnesia, large forces of the Army are present and assisting in calls for help, while the entire force of the 32nd Marine Brigade is on the streets with large vehicles, boats and work equipment of the 1st Army and they are trying in cooperation with firefighting forces that have arrived from all over Greece to support a ruined city

The main problem is the lack of water

The lack of water is once again experienced by the residents of the urban complex, since there is no water anywhere despite the superhuman efforts made by the crews of DEWA Meizonos Volos and the cooperating EYDAP, in order to partially restore the city’s water supply.

During the night small amounts of water were able to reach some areas, but without pressure, however at the first light of day the water supply was interrupted again.

For his part, the mayor of Volos, Achilleas Beos, said in his statements that “once the city is electrified, we will be able to put into operation aqueducts that will provide water to parts of Volos and Nea Ionia. But we will need about 10 days for the total reset. Unfortunately what we managed to create after Daniel was destroyed by the bad weather Elias and we start again from the beginning”.

Most of the city of Volos has been electrified, since dozens of DEDDIE crews are working day and night, but the suburbs of Volos and villages in Pelion still remain without electricity, where the network was completely destroyed by falling PPC poles.

With information from APE-MPE, thenewspaper.gr