The battle to gain access the villages of Northern Evia continues, with a significant contribution from the armed forces. Yesterday, alongside the hundreds of earthmoving machines of the Municipalities, the Region of Central Greece and those hired privately, army machines were also brought to the area to participate in the effort to restore the basic infrastructure.

Heavy machines of all three branches of the armed forces have been distributed to all municipalities according to the requests that existed and the needs, and thus the municipality of Istiaia has been allocated a bulldozer, a truck, two loaders and a grader. In the municipality of Limni-Mantoudi-Agia Anna, exactly the same machines have been allocated. Also in Fthiotida, the Armed Forces participate in the restoration of the damages. In the municipality of Domokos, one truck has been allocated, but two are expected on Monday morning. A rubber excavator has also been made available.

According to the mayors of the region “it takes a lot of effort and even hard work from the machines to unblock and give access to the blocked settlements”.

Visit of N. Tahiaou

The two above municipalities of North Evia were visited by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Nikos Tachiaos. The deputy minister assured the citizens that “in cooperation with the region of Central Greece, restoration projects will immediately begin so that normality can be restored to the social and economic life of the region as soon as possible” as he characteristically said.

In a meeting held at Mantoudi City Hall with the presence of the Deputy Regional Governor of Central Greece, Giorgos Kelaiditis and the Mayor, Giorgos Tsapourniotis, a list of the immediate projects that must be restored and especially those that have been damaged was requested from the responsible deputy minister in order to speed up the autopsies in the coming days. Mr. Tahiaos underlined that “teams of engineers will immediately arrive in the area for the autopsies

A few hours later, the same meeting was repeated at the Istiaia Town Hall to outline the critical problems faced by the Istiaia Edipsos municipality, and it was requested that teams of engineers be deployed to the area so that there would be an autopsy of the disasters in the next 24 hours.

Even from Monday like ELGA crews have been announced they are expected to be there, to record the enormous damages suffered by the farmers, ranchers and beekeepers who were there.

District Development Department officials are also expected to arrive on Monday to begin inspections of the damage to buildings and businesses.

The serious problems with the electricity supply continue as serious damage has been caused to the network. In many villages, DEDDIE has installed generators, such as in Gouves and Kastri of Istiaia, until the damage to the damaged network is repaired.