In his dock Five-member Military Court of Thessaloniki a 38-year-old man acquitted in 2021 of murdering a 25-year-old domestic worker from Sri Lanka will be re-sentenced.

The crime was revealed in February 2013, when the body of the unfortunate immigrant was found floating in the pool of the luxury house where he worked, in eastern Thessaloniki, bearing signs that, according to the forensic investigation, led to the conclusion that he had been strangled.

The motive for the crime was allegedly sexual.

The Supreme Court accepted the appeal filed by the victim’s mother against the acquittal decision.

Under these circumstances, the case returns to the Five-member Military Court of Thessaloniki, which with a new composition of judges – military officers will try the 38-year-old again.

The defendant was serving his military service at that time.

The appeal was also requested by the vice-prosecutor of the Supreme Court, according to whose reasoning, the (acquittal) decision contains “references and contradictions of a circumstantial nature which create ambiguities and logical gaps, so due to insufficient reasons it lacks a legal basis”.

Also, as it is underlined, the court “is not certain that it took into account and took into account the entire content of the cited evidence, from the combined evaluation of which the guilt of the accused was safely proven”.