“There are no shortages of medicines in the market”, the Ministry of Health assures the citizens in a statement, which emphasizes that it checks the availability of medicines in the market every day, in order to determine their adequacy and to deal with the problem of any shortages.

“From the data so far, there are no shortages of drugs in the market, as well the unavailability of some is covered by the corresponding genericswhich have the same active substance”, states the Ministry of Health in today’s announcement, in which it points out that the same has already been publicly confirmed, yesterday and today, by the representatives of the entities involved in the drug.

It is noted that by the decision of the Minister of Health, Michalis Chrysochoidis, three decisions have been issued to ban exports and the official data show that Greece is last in terms of drug shortages throughout Europe, as the Ministry of Health reminds.

In any case, the Ministry of Health, in order to safeguard public health, launches interventions aimed at the adequacy of medicines and therefore at meeting the needs of the citizens.

“Among the measures being promoted is the implementation of the Monitoring and Control System of the Drug Supply Chain (SyPEEAF), while today the bill being passed includes a provision that ensures transparency throughout the drug supply chain in the domestic market, early detection and forecasting drug shortages. The Electronic Medicines Traffic Monitoring System (DMS), which will monitor the domestic circulation of drugs, meets the urgent need to deal with cases of drug shortages quickly, flexibly and efficiently, so that they are covered on time,” his announcement states.