The president of the Plenary of Presidents of the Bar Associations of Greece and president of the Athens Bar Association Dimitris Vervesos and the member of the board of the Plenary and president of the Piraeus Bar Association Ilias Klapas met, at their request, at the offices of the Independent Communications Privacy Authority (IAEA), with its president Dimitrios Rammos to be informed about operational issues of the Independent Authority after the relevant decision on the composition of the Plenary Assembly of the ADAE.

According to an announcement at the meeting discussed “institutional and legal issues concerning the operation of the Independent Administrative Authorities and the fulfillment of their institutional mission in accordance with the Constitution”.

“The independence and the continuation of the uninterrupted operation of the ADAE, like all independent authorities, is a fundamental condition of the rule of law in our country,” the announcement points out.

Finally, it is stated in the announcement that “the Plenary of the Presidents of the Bar Associations of Greece has always supported the constitutionally enshrined Independent Authorities, as they are a democratic guarantee for the effective protection of institutions, rights and citizens”.