The entire political and sports world bid an emotional farewell to the legend of Greek basketball, Giannis Ioannidis.

Giannis Ioannidis, a former basketball player, coach and politician, was 78 years old.

He is recognized as one of the top coaches in the history of Greek basketball: in total he won 12 championships and 6 cups.

He remains to this day the coach who holds the record for the most Greek championship titles, having won 12 (one more than Zeliko Obradovic), as well as the most wins in league matches (418 wins).

Tasoulas: The life of Yiannis Ioannidis coincided with the flourishing of Greek basketball

Sincere and deep condolences to the family of Yiannis Ioannidis, Mr Speaker of the Parliament, Konstantinos Tasoulaswho speaks of a “special man” who will be remembered with pride.

In his statement on the resignation of the former MP and basketball coach, Yannis Ioannidis, the Speaker of the Parliament emphasizes:

“It was with great sadness that I learned of the death of Yiannis Ioannidis, a great figure in Greek sports and Member of Parliament of Thessaloniki from 2004 to 2015. The life of Yiannis Ioannidis coincided with the flourishing of Greek basketball, in which he distinguished himself as a champion from the teenage of years, while he then excelled as a coach, achieving a top position in the history of the sport. With his passion, his talent, his perseverance and his professionalism, he managed to lead the teams he coached to the top and contributed like few others to the popularity of basketball and the active involvement of many young people in it. His long-term contribution to competitive sports was followed by his contribution to the public as an elected member of the ND. but also as Deputy Minister responsible for Sports in two government terms”.

Kasselaki: The legacy of a coach who changed Greek basketball

“In my own generation, the echo of a coach who changed Greek basketball forever” wrote on Facebook the President of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakis on the occasion of the death of Yiannis Ioannidis.

Mr. Kasselakis even posted a typical photo of Giannis Ioannidis, Nikos Galis and Panagiotis Giannakis and commented that in the photo we see two legendary players, and between them the legend who played from the bench.

“Farewell to Yannis Ioannidis”

“Yiannis Ioannidis, a great fighter on the pitches, in politics and in social life, lost to the toughest of opponents”, says the press representative of SYRIZA PS, Dora Avgeri, in a statement.

“From a child in ‘Aris, first a player then a coach, he connected his presence with the ’emperor’, as his favorite team was called in his years. Larissa, the Greek national team, Olympiacos, AEK followed”, says Ms. Augeris about Yiannis Ioannidis and notes: “A protagonist everywhere, as later also in the seats of the Parliament or as a minister. For all these struggles, in our memory he will always hold the title of victor, even if his last opponent, death, seems invincible.

Avgenakis: The “blonde” made history

Nice trip”.

The “Blonde”, as he came to be called in the basketball world, wrote his own history and rightfully belongs to the pantheon of Greek basketball, said the Minister of Rural Development and Food Lefteris Avgenakis, on the death of Yiannis Ioannidis.

“One of the most historic figures of Greek basketball, a legend of Greek sports, is no longer with us. Giannis Ioannidis, as a coach, associated his name with the great Aris of the 80s, he led the Olympiakos team to great glory in the 90s, while, among other things, he was also the coach of the “official favorite”.

In addition to his successful career on the basketball courts, Yiannis Ioannidis was for a number of years a Member of Parliament with the ND, while he held the position of Deputy Minister of Sports for two years. We coexisted in the seats of the Parliament, with our marches having the common denominator of the good of our sports family.

The “Blonde”, as he came to be called in the basketball world, wrote his own history and rightfully belongs to the pantheon of Greek basketball, while he also left an indelible mark on the Greek political scene.

My deepest condolences to his family.”

Nikos Androulakis: The “blonde” of Greek basketball is no longer with us

The “blonde” of Greek basketball is no longer with us, says the president of PASOK – Movement for Change, Nikos Androulakis, on the death of Yiannis Ioannidis.

“Yiannis Ioannidis associated his name with the golden moments of the sport, making whole generations of Greeks love it.

My condolences to his family,” says Mr. Androulakis.

KKE: He left his own indelible mark in sports and coaching

“Yiannis Ioannidis was a leading figure in Greek basketball and sports in general, who associated his name with great successes of Greek teams, especially Aris in the 80s.

With his competitive spirit, passion and “explosive” character, “Xanthos” left his own indelible mark in the field of sports and especially coaching, managing to become the coach with the most championships in Greece in basketball.

The KKE expresses its deepest condolences to his family,” the KKE says in its statement on the death of Yiannis Ioannidis.

It was a very touching post he made on Facebook Nikos Galis.

As he mentions, he feels that one of his own people has left, a big brother, and he emphasizes that together they lived incredible moments of joy.

“Yiannis is gone… A great basketball teacher, a successful professional, a Winner. We lived together incredible moments of joy but also some lesser moments of sadness. I feel that a person of mine, a member of my extended family, a big brother, is gone. Heartfelt condolences to his family, Yannis Ioannidis’ legacy to our society is the legacy left behind by a Champion. Let the soil that will cover him be light, have a good trip my friend…”, he writes characteristically.

The PAE of the “red and white” said goodbye to “Xanthos”, stressing that he wrote history with a “golden” letter in the team’s basketball department.

“With your talent, your passion, your personality, your dedication and your hard work as a coach, you changed the history of Greek basketball. Your huge contribution to Olympiakos and Greek sports will never be forgotten. We thank you for everything and we will remember you forever… Our sincere condolences to the family and loved ones of Yiannis Ioannidis”, say the people of Piraeus.

At the same time, her condolences were also expressed by Hellenic Basketball Federation and the president Vangelis Liolios.