The Rio-Antirio Bridgeone of the largest multi-span cable-stayed bridges in the world, with a total area of ​​135,500 square meters of metal deck carrying 247,500 bolts, requires complex management and continuous investment in high-level maintenance.

To find out more, BRIDGE is releasing today a video with amazing footage of the inspection work on the cables and the outer surfaces of its pylons:

These spectacular works are carried out every year as part of the inspection & maintenance program of the concessionaire company. GEFYRA, as a member of the VINCI Highways network, utilizes the know-how of one of the largest highway management companies under concession worldwide, setting new standards in the Maintenance & Operation of infrastructure projects.

THE CEO of GEFYRA Panos Loukas stated this Since the opening of the Bridge in 2004 until today, we have applied the know-how of VINCI Highways so that our users enjoy maximum safety and the best driving experience. The inspections by the group of climbers that he offered us and the impressive images that you will enjoy in the video, are part of the €7 million investment that we are implementing for the period 2023-2024. The Bridge is a key driver of sustainable economic development for local communities on both sides of the Straits and in this context we are committed to continuing to invest in promoting positive mobility. So we are renewing our annual appointment for the inspections carried out by the Alpinists for the summer of 2024, when it will be 20 years since the start of the Project, with more impressive images.”