Seven people were injured yesterday morning after an exchange of gunfire between them, with the Tyrnavos Police Department investigating the case and considering the possibility that the reason the two families shot each other was due to a dispute over the local municipal elections.

Under circumstances that the Tyrnavos Police Department is investigating, as “Eleftheria” notes today at 9.30 yesterday morning in Roma settlement after an argument between the two sides, shots were fired with shotguns, as a result of which a total of seven Roma, members of both families, were injured.

Among the injured are two minors, while all seven were slightly injured, as it turned out later.

Two of them, a 23-year-old and a 69-year-old, were taken to the Tyrnavos Health Center, where they were given first aid and left, as a result of which they are wanted by EL.AS.

The remaining five, aged 14, 16, 39, 46 and 49, were taken to the Larissa General Hospital, where after providing first aid, they were subsequently arrested as perpetrators of the incident. Only the 16-year-old was released, as – according to “EtD” information – it was deemed necessary to transfer him to a special ophthalmology center outside Larissa, in order to immediately undergo surgery. And that’s because the position where one of the shrapnel “got stuck” in his eye needs specialized surgery, in order for the 16-year-old not to lose his sight.