It has taken on great proportions in recent months new Facebook scam mwith “forgotten parcels” full of tablets, coffee machines, bags and hair dryers, which ELTA allegedly sells for 2 euros to anyone lucky enough to give their card details.

Through a Facebook page that has appropriated the name of Hellenic Post Officewithout however referring to any official site, the astute people hiding behind the account are fishing for unsuspecting citizens with the lure of… “thousands of forgotten parcels that remain without Owner at the post office”.

In fact, to make the fraud more believable, they write in the relevant description that “in accordance with the applicable regulations, the company “ELTA Hellenic Post” must discard undelivered parcels a it’s time. However, it offers the ability to receive random parcels with only 2, 0⁠0 €⁠. Inside these packages, you can discover amazing items one, from tablets and coffee machines to books and bags”.

To gain people’s trust, they upload photos of parcels full of high-value items, while under each photo, there are identical comments from real profiles thanking the company for the “real opportunity”. With this storefront, they manage to trick their victims, gaining access to their bank accounts.

The “forgotten package” fraud is a global… industry – “One site closes, 10 more open”.

This particular page was created two weeks ago, however, as ELTA corporate communications director Lazaros Lazaridis explains to, this is just one of many that have targeted unsuspecting citizens in the last six months. As he clarifies, this is a world-class industry that has existed for years. “It is something that is done worldwide, it’s just that the label changes from country to country. Abroad there are similar fraudsters under the guise of the Amazon company, while in Greece for ELTA”, he explains.

He notes that in Greece, the “forgotten parcel” scam it first appeared in April 2023, with the company having taken legal action. “We have taken all legal actions, we have addressed the Electronic Crime Prosecution and the competent authorities. However, it is a very difficult process, because as soon as one site closes, another 10 open”, he explains.

Every day the customer service center of the Hellenic Post Office receives dozens of calls from citizens who want to verify whether the story of the lost parcels is a fraud, according to Mr. Lazaridis. “We receive around 20-50 calls a day about this issue. We are happy for those who ask, because they will not fall victim, but we are sad for those who do not pick up the phone and have believed it.”

Mr. Lazaridis emphasizes that “we draw attention to the consumer public. TELTA would never ask someone to pick up a parcel they didn’t order or to buy a parcel and they must be very careful when entering their card details”.