A new incident of horse abuse comes to light in Lesvos.

This time in Agioi Anargyros in the area of ​​Asomatos Lesvos, passers-by found themselves in front of yet another impoverished horse and called for help. As the photos show, the horse was found half-dead and in a miserable condition.

The Ark of Mytilene appeals for immediate temporary accommodation and denounces the North Aegean Region for the lack of a strategy regarding the Management of Unsupervised Horses.

The entire Ark of Mytilene post:

“The same AGAIN! The horse was found in the condition you see in Agioi Anargyrou, area of ​​Asomato Lesvos, by passers-by. The Police and the Veterinary Department of the North Aegean Region (who are responsible for checking if the horse is chipped, providing it with veterinary care and collecting it) have been informed. We are IMMEDIATELY looking for temporary accommodation for the unfortunate animal until the relevant authorities pick it up! If you can help, contact KIVOTO Mytilini
We have just contacted the Veterinary Association of Lesvos (tel. 2251042236). The employees we spoke with (Dndis is unfortunately on leave) told us that horses are the responsibility of the municipalities! Once we informed them that this was not the case (see comments), they told us that they are responsible for DOMINANT equines. When we told them that’s not the case either (The law talks about UNCONTROLLED horses, tamed AND strays), they said they can’t treat it. When we told them that we will take care of it but they have to collect it, they told us that there is neither a workshop nor a place to stay.
The relevant law is Ministerial Decision 726/107637/2022 – Official Gazette 2028/B/21-4-2022, Article 15 (the full text in the comments).
For 1.5 YEARS, the North Aegean Region continues to illegalize! For TWO months now KIVOTOS of Mytilene has filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office of Mytilene! HOW MANY HORSES NEED TO DIE for the authorities to be moved and for the laws to be applied on this island!?!?!”