While searching for the causes that led to the death within a year of the two infants of the family from Kato Achaia, aged 20 days and 2 months, with the latter ending up last week at the “Agia Sophia” Children’s Hospital, and while as revealed yesterday “Peloponnisos” was ordered to carry out a preliminary investigation into the case by the head of the Patras Prosecutor’s Office Nikos Nikolaou, the young mother has become the target of critical comments.

As he argues, receives messages in which she is called by the last name of the 34-year-old paternal remand mother accused of the death of her three children.

Speaking to “P”, the president of the “Smile of the Child” Association, Costas Yiannopoulos, commenting on the attempted connection of the two cases in recent days, said that any attempt to target the 23-year-old mother should be stopped.

“A child that no one noticed while growing up you can’t target it and end it” he pointed out.

late wednesday night “The Smile of a Child” issued a statement on the case of K. Achaia, notifying that “for the period 2017-2020, there were anonymous reports to the National SOS Telephone Line 1056, about the living conditions of the mother’s family, which clearly indicated her vulnerable position” and the police and prosecutorial authorities were duly informed.

However, it is not specified to the Authorities of which areas the complaints were made known, as well the family of the then minor girl reportedly resided in Nafplio and not in K. Achaia. In fact, in August 2015, there was a mobilization of the Argos Security Department after she was reported missing, however the minor returned to her home, before publicizing the incident.

As it became known, the mother, and while the two-month-old girl was hospitalized at “Agia Sophia”, contacted “Smile” and specifically the Department of Health, to provide assistance in procedural matters, but before there was any intervention “he called us and told us that the child died and asked us to cover his funeral expenses” said Mr. Yiannopoulos and added “we didn’t know anything about the little girl who was raising her children, except for the communication she had with “Smile” about the help she asked for the second child.”

Finally, Mr. Yiannopoulos, referring to its critics, formulated the question “who supported her all these years, who enabled her to stand on her own two feet and feel?” Highlighting on the occasion of the comments that have been said and written in the last few hours on social media and not only, that although the 23-year-old lost two children in one year, “does not feel or express pain for their loss.”