The first photos of the damage caused by the powerful earthquake 5.1 Richter that occurred on Friday morning in Prokopi Evia, presents The damage caused by the earthquake is not great, despite the intensity.

The earthquake was felt in Athens and caused landslides on roads such as Derveni in Evia.

Speaking to SKAI 100.3, the professor of Geology and president of OASP Efthymis Lekkas He said the region is known for earthquakes of this magnitude, but added that it was too early to assess the situation.

According to Mr. Lekka, so far no damage has been reported from the earthquake. For his part, the regional governor of Central Greece, Fanis Skanos, pointed out that some landslides have occurred in the region.

The magnitude of today’s earthquake must be the largest for the specific region of Evia because we have no history of stronger earthquakes, Mr. Lekkas told APE.

For his part, the mayor of Dirfyon-Messapia George Psathas he emphasized on SKAI radio that the students of the area remain in the school grounds until 11 am as a precaution, while he stated that there are reports of landslides in Derveni.