Experts are reassuring about the morning earthquake in Evia that shook Attica as well.

The director of the Geodynamic Institute, Akis Tselentiswrote on Facebook that according to his analysis the post-seismic sequence “seems normal for now” adding that “it will give us aftershocks of the order of 4-4.5 Richter” and therefore, as he notes “caution required”.

In this context he asks from those in the area to stay away from steep slopes due to high risk of landslides.

According to Akis Tselentis, on the one hand, the history of the area has not shown a major earthquake and on the other hand most likely the 5.1 magnitude earthquake was the main one.

The post of Akis Celentis:

Lekkas: The area produces earthquakes of this magnitude

Speaking to SKAI 100.3, Geology professor and president of OASP Efthymis Lekkas stated that the region is known for earthquakes of this magnitude but he added that it is too early to assess the situation.

On his part, the mayor of Dirfyon-Messapia Giorgos Psathas emphasized on the radio of SKAI that the students of the area remain in the courtyard of the schools as a precaution until 11 in the morning, while he stated that there are reports of landslides in Derveni.

APE correspondents report that no serious problems have been identified so far in the wider area from Prokopi in Evia which is the epicenter of the earthquake. The earthquake was felt in central and northern Evia and also in the Attica Basin.

Panic prevailed in Mantoudi and according to the mayor, Mr. Tsapourniotis, the students left the schools.

Police and firefighters together with the Municipal Authority and Civil Protection are attempting the first checks without so far there has been any evidence of possible damage. Checks are ongoing for possible falls and damage.

Moments of anxiety are experienced by the residents in the area of ​​Prokopi and also in the municipality of Mantoudi-Limni-Agia Anna who have left their homes after the strong earthquake of 5.2 degrees on the Richter scale.

Speaking to LAMIA POLIS 87.7, Deputy Mayor Yiannis Kantzouras noted: “… people have come out of their houses. It was a big earthquake and lasted about 40 seconds. The children from the schools have come out into the courtyard. We will make a decision on what will happen immediately. There is anxiety about disasters because there are also old buildings. 2-3 particularly strong aftershocks have followed” noted among other things.