A preliminary investigation was ordered into the fall of a part of the ceiling at the “Agios Dimitrios” hospital in Thessaloniki, which resulted in a minor leg injury to a specialist doctor.

Dimitris Smyrnis, head of the Thessaloniki First Instance Prosecutor’s Office instructed the criminal prosecution prosecutor to order the investigation in order to establish whether the following offenses are established: violation of building regulations that could result in danger to a person and bodily harm due to negligence.

The incident happened last Saturday in the doctors’ dormitories, while in this particular department it seems that some work had preceded it, which was completed in the middle of the previous month.

The investigation, according to information, is directed against the managers of the construction company that undertook the work. In his order, the prosecutor also requests that the expert report and the documents for the assignment – execution of the project be presented. The preliminary investigation is expected to be carried out by the Criminal Court.