A deadline for next Monday was requested and received by the 3 defendants – mother, sister and landlady – for the murder of 23-year-old pregnant Fai Bakoiorgou who was found dead and wrapped in a blanket on 8-10-2021, on Tychis Street in Patisia, after her traces had long been lost.

Yesterday the authorities proceeded to the arrests of the three women, and today they crossed the threshold of the prosecutor.

According to police sources, among the charges facing the 3 arrested, are hers serial human trafficking and manslaughter.

The judicial officer issued arrest warrants against them, judging that the three defendants are dangerous for committing new crimes.

In the multi-page indictment drawn up against them, it is stated, according to information, that the three women took steps to keep their act from being revealed, as they wrapped Faye’s body and threw it in the trash.

It also seems to emphasize the “extreme brutality of the act and the continuity of the illegal acts” a characterization concerning the fact that for a long time the victim was extradited.

Alongside the circumstances of the death of the elderly woman who, according to testimonies, was cared for by the 66-year-old landlady are being investigated.

Mother, sister and landlady tortured her

According to the information available to the authorities, her landlady played a central role in Faye’s exploitation.

The woman who supposedly hosted her along with her sister and her mother, was the woman who had set up hell for the unfortunate 23-year-old.

He extradited her, made her beg, pushed her into cars pretending to be in accidents to get compensation and beat her mercilessly.

All this in front of her mother and her sister who allegedly did not react.

How the tangle began to unravel

A preliminary examination was conducted for the case after Faye’s father’s lawsuitwhich last September led to the initiation of criminal proceedings against the 66-year-old housewife, the 64-year-old mother and the 23-year-old sister of the unfortunate woman, for offenses which in each case involve manslaughter by act and omission, human trafficking by profession, interruption felony pregnancy, dangerous bodily harm to a vulnerable person, simple serial bodily harm, complicity in human trafficking.

A key role in the case file that has been filed is attributed to the 66-year-old accused.

According to information, the material that has been collected and included in the case file concerns, among other things, the preliminary expert opinion of medical examiner Socrates Tsandiris, where pushed the casebut also many testimonials about the brutality against the victim.

With information from APE-MPE