Ketsetzoglou: “Marseille needs attention – Qualification is close with a win”


Her victory AEKespecially if combined with a similar result of Brighton in Amsterdam, it will be equivalent to … half qualification, as he pointed out in News Bulletin 247 for tonight’s match against Marseille at Opap Arena (22:00) o Kostas Ketsetzoglou.

Marseille face more difficult phases now with Gattuso, but they are also less threatening. It needs a lot of attention from AEK, because if they find themselves behind in the score it will be very difficult to turn the game around afterwards. The other game is also very important, with a Brighton win a desirable result. For me, the English are the best team in the group and one of the favorites of the competition along with Liverpool. If AEK manage to win today and Ajax lose, then the trio is almost certain“, he said.

Referring to his shots Matias Almeida he said: “It will be important to see if he will start with Szymanski-Jonson in the center putting Pineda further forward or if he will have the Mexican on the axis. Garcia will definitely be in the lineup. I believe that Sidibe will play right back, Hadjisafi is a favorite on the left, with stopper Vida-Mukudi. If Pineda plays in the center, Gacinovic is a candidate for left. Eliasson is in terrific form, but Amrbat usually plays in Europe. Zuber is favorite behind Garcia, but there is also Mandalos. Surely Araujo will play at some point, but difficult from the beginning».

Source: Sport Fm

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