Biscuits with oats and carob which were found to contain an allergenic substance (egg) are recalled from the market by the Single Food Control Agency.

Specifically, EFET and in particular the Regional Directorate of Central Macedonia, during inspections, sampled food with the following information: “VEGAN COOKIES, WITH OATS AND CAROBS” under the brand name “VIOLANTA VEGANO VEGETABLE COOKIES”, with a minimum shelf life date of 13-05-2024 and batch number lot 051306, produced by the company “Violanda Biscuit Industry SA”, based in the 6th mile of Trikala – Karditsa.

The product was examined by the 2nd Department of the 1st Chemical Service of Athens of the State General Chemistry of AADE, where it was found that it contained an allergenic substance (egg).

Because the product in question does not have an egg-related indication on the labelling, the EFET demanded the immediate recall of the entire specific batch of the above product from the internal market and the relevant controls are already underway. At the same time, it calls on consumers, who are allergic to egg and have already purchased the product, not to consume it.