44,000 applications for the Youth Pass reached within 24 hours, as the platform opened yesterday morning.

Beneficiaries of approximately 200,000 young people aged 18 and 19 can submit their applications for the financial aid of 150 euros. Applications are made either through the digital platform vouchers.gov.gr or through the K.E.P. until Tuesday, December 5.

The Youth Pass is in the form of a digital debit card, which beneficiaries will be able to use in businesses operating in the fields of culture, tourism and transport. The aid will have been sent to the credit institutions by Friday, December 8 and all beneficiaries will receive the aid by Wednesday, December 13.

Beneficiaries can make use of the aid they will receive for making purchases or receiving services from businesses active in the fields of tourism (e.g. in tourist accommodation), culture (e.g. for attending theater performances or concerts, for the purchase of books, etc.) and transportation (taxi, buses, trains, ferry – plane tickets or for the rental of cars or pleasure boats, etc.).