Arrests are almost daily in Northern Greece for olive oil of dubious quality available for sale in street markets.

One 24 hours after the androgynous arrest in Thessaloniki, today a similar arrest was made known in Edessa. More specifically, Edessa Police officers handcuffed a 70-year-old woman (domestic) who was selling olive oil of dubious quality and origin in the public market, which she advertised as “extra virgin”.

According to the case file, she had 20 euros for each 5 liter package. Initially, 31 plastic oil containers (of 5 liters each) were confiscated, while a subsequent search of her home revealed another 668 identical 5 liter containers. A total of 699 containers containing 3,495 liters of oil were confiscated, a sample of which will be sent to the relevant Chemical Service for laboratory examination.

The 70-year-old arrested, with the case filed against heris taken to the District Attorney of Edessa.

It is recalled that for the androgynous man arrested in Thessaloniki, the criminal prosecution prosecutor decided to set them free in view of the laboratory investigation that was ordered and in order to decide on their criminal treatment based on the findings.