The establishment of a new IT department at Military School of Officer Corps announced the Deputy Minister of National Defense Ioannis Kefalogiannis with his article in the newspaper “Ta Nea”, in which he thoroughly refers to the changes in military training promoted by the political leadership of the Ministry of National Defense.

As he wrote, “Informatics is a rapidly evolving technology field that fundamentally affects a multitude of battlefield activities. Cyber ​​defense and information operations are a key priority for the Greek army and therefore it is necessary to focus on the initial training of the respective officers, with the aim of proper preparation for assuming critical positions and duties”.

Regarding changes in military education he said: “Reforms in the organization, operation and curriculum of military schools are primarily dictated by the need to understand new security threats and integrate how to deal with them into the defense strategy.

In this context, the political leadership of the Ministry of National Defense is proceeding with changes in military training in the following directions:

  • The introduction of new items related to modern threats,
  • The integration, at the level of education, of the conclusions from the study of recent wars,
  • The review and adaptation of the duration of the studies to the new educational needs and
  • Encouraging and facilitating the academic development of officers and non-commissioned officers.

In particular, we are establishing the possibility of organizing third-cycle programs at the Higher Military Educational Institutions, which will lead to the acquisition of a doctoral degree. At the same time, we facilitate and simplify the process of establishing and operating postgraduate study programs, which are now possible to be organized jointly with HEIs, always in accordance with the specifications of the National Higher Education Authority. In addition, the assignment of educational work to visiting professors is regulated and the participation of the Armed Forces executives in research programs, which will be conducted by the Military Schools, is considered.

This package of measures seeks to strengthen the extroversion of military schools and high-level research in cutting-edge subjects. Emphasis will be placed on utilizing the expertise of permanent staff as well as enriching the educational staff with visiting professors, who will be invited to pass on their knowledge and experience to the country’s military personnel.

In conclusion, the improvement of the educational work combined with the need to shield the country in the face of cyber security challenges are the axes of our policy and we will move towards them with firm and bold steps that will make it possible at any time and moment to defend the national independence and the territorial integrity of our country”.