The Israeli military on Saturday denied Western media reports that the Al Shifa hospital is under strangulation, with civilians unable to escape. At least they have found refuge in Al Shifa 50,000 people – among them 2,500 patients, seriously injured, operated and newborns.

“There are no shots fired in the hospital, and there is no siege. The eastern side of the hospital remains open,” said the representative of the Israeli army.

“Besides, we [το IDF] we can coordinate [με] anyone who wants to leave the hospital safely,” the IDF spokesman insisted.

“The army is shooting inside the hospital”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Al Shifa hospital authorities yesterday began evacuating the medical center following orders from the Israeli army, which has surrounded the compound where Hamas is believed to have built a major underground command center.

Today, the IDF announced that the army will now kill Hamas fighters who fire inside hospitals, effectively warning of civilian bloodshed.

“The situation is worse than anyone can imagine. We are under siege inside the Al Shifa Medical Complex and the occupation has targeted most of the buildings inside it,” Kindra said by phone.

“The occupation forces are shooting at people moving inside the compound, which limits our ability to move from one section to another. Some tried to leave the hospital and were shot,” said the spokesman for the Gaza Health Ministry.

The representative of the Israeli armed forces, Richard Hecht, however, admitted earlier that these operations are of a “sensitive nature” and that “it would be easier if Hamas left the hospitals and showed us this clearly.”

Hecht, however, maintained that the Israeli army “takes all possible precautions to ensure that it does not attack people who are being given serum or are being treated for fractures.”

“The hospital stopped working”

The representative of the Ministry of Health of Gaza stated that staff operations at the hospital complex were halted today because they ran out of fuel due to the Israeli embargo.

As a result, a newborn died in an incubator, where 45 babies are locatedAshraf Al-Kindra, the health ministry spokesman in Hamas-controlled Gaza, told Reuters.

An additional 39 babies are at risk of dying after the power cut and amid a lack of oxygen and medicine.

According to Anadolu, Al-Kindra also reported that two more patients died in the intensive care unitafter the oxygen masks stopped working.

#BREAKING Oxygen machines stopped working, we lost 2 patients in intensive care department of Al-Shifa Hospital: Health Ministry in Gaza

— Anadolu English (@anadoluagency) November 11, 2023

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The Israeli military also bombed Al Nasr Hospital, destroying the infant unit while cutting off electricity and water supplies.

Yesterday, the International Committee of the Red Cross he underlined that the health system in the Palestinian enclave has reached a “point of no return” and warned that the destruction of hospitals in Gaza must stop because it endangers the lives of thousands of people.

Its general manager WHERE sounded the alarm again yesterday addressing the UN Security Council, stressing that half of the 36 hospitals in the Palestinian enclave are now “not functioning at all” and that “over 250 attacks” have been recorded.