The incidents of domestic violence are increasing dangerously in our country, a fact that is also reflected in the city of Larissa, as can be seen from the data of the competent service of the municipality and specifically from its counseling station, which deals with issues of violence among other social problems.

These incidents – as recorded and referred to criminal mediation – seem to have increased by 70% in the last six months in the prefecture of Larissa, according to what was reported to APE-MBE by head of the competent service of the Municipality of Larissa, Vasiliki Dovlatanioti. She said that “there has been a serious escalation in the last few years of the phenomenon of incidents involving mainly the abuse of women but also other incidents of domestic violence in the prefecture of Larissa”, stressing that it is “a serious social issue that needs attention” and must “be let’s all turn our attention to dealing with it”.

Mrs. Dovlatanioti also noted that currently in Larissa, 13 children and 7 women who have been subjected to violence have recently been accommodated in the structure for abused women that operates in the city, adding that the causes are many such as “the economic crisis and hardship, but also other issues that have to do with the deep social causes and are related to all kinds of addictions, poverty, social exclusion, psychiatric diseases, discrimination, social and economic impasses and much more”.

It is noted that at least 300 incidents of domestic violence and abuse of women are recorded every year in the Larissa law only by the advisory station of the municipality.

According to what was discussed at the seminar on “Domestic Violence / Preventive Actions and Incident Management”, organized by the Administration of the Larissa General Hospital and the Larissa Mental Health Center at the “JOIST” Innovation Park, last May, more than 200 incidents have recorded by the Larissa Domestic Violence Office of the local police department and the majority of them involve women (partners, wives and mothers).

It is worth emphasizing that in the city of Larissa, initiatives are being taken to create a network of collaborating bodies of the Local Government, the Prefectural Hospital and the Community Structures providing Mental Health services, with representatives of the Hellenic Police, the Prosecutor’s Office of Larissa, the Forensic Service of Larissa, representatives of each time Deputy Mayors of the social policy of the Municipalities of Larissa, with the aim of networking and supporting those who have lost their supports.