A climate of tension prevails in Thebes, Aliarto and the wider region as the mobilizations of the Roma and others for the death of the 17-year-old are at their peak.

The rally and protest rally ended a while ago which the classmates of the 17-year-old from EPAL of Thebes did which is occupied.

For more than two hours they demonstrated in the main streets of the city shouting slogans against police brutality, while a protest rally was then organized in Agioi Theodoros square in Thebes, demanding an end to police arbitrariness and the punishment of the accused.

Until dawn the fires were lit in Aliarto and especially at the exit of the provincial road to Thebes. Since early in the evening, Roma had set up barricades and set fires near the Thebes-Livadia road, while strong police forces were in the area from very early on. Even this morning traffic in the wider area is problematic as there are Roma groups gathering to protest.

End the police presence is particularly intense today and will continue until tomorrow, the funeral of the 17-year-old is planned. The day after tomorrow, Thursday, the 41-year-old OPKE Viotia warden is expected to apologize before the court for the fatal injury of the 17-year-old Roma. The warden remains in custody, with the prosecutor charging him with presumptive homicide and illegal shooting.