Case of criminal fraud against EOPYY, from companies importing and trading medical technological materials, and specifically patches, was investigated by the Directorate of Economic Police.

For the case, a case file was filed against the legal representatives of 227 companies, while more than 71,000 cases were investigated illegal execution of prescriptions, from which the Organization incurred a loss of 8,237,193.71 euros.

As it emerged from the research, the companies that imported the patches for their further distribution, the period 2017-2019, injected their products into subcategories of medical material reimbursed by the Organization, without meeting the required specifications, with the aim of achieving a higher compensation than the one actually entitled to.

In particular, taking advantage of the pressure created when the relevant register was launched, the importing companies presented that their products had characteristics, which they actually lacked, with the result that they were included in a different category than the one they belong to.

Subsequently, the supply companies procured the patches and made them available to patients, when carrying out prescriptions, which, however, did not cover their therapeutic needs and, in fact, were potentially harmful to their health.

From the investigations so far, 101 materials have been identified that have been included in subcategories other than those they belong to, while -40- of them have been removed from the register, as they could not be included in any subcategory in the first place.

The file was submitted to the competent Prosecutor’s Office.

It is reminded that citizens can contact, anonymously or by name, the telephone number 11012 or the website of the Greek State ( “Complaint for financial crimes”, to provide information or to report illegal and intrusive actions or activities against the sector of the economy, public property, as well as social and insurance welfare and rights.