Reporting: Makis Synodinos

An alarm has been raised in ELAS after the complaints of three women that an unknown assailant tried to rape them.

According to police sources, the attacks took place on November 19 and 20, while the complainants are a 29-year-old, a 27-year-old and a 13-year-old girl.

The attempted rape of the 13-year-old took place at 14:00 at noon on Valtetsiou street while the minor was going to the gym.

According to the minor’s complaint to the AT of the area, the perpetrator grabbed her from the waist and performed sexual acts against her will. The girl with all the strength she had managed to escape from the hands of her near rapist.

The remaining two attempts were made in the morning at around 7 am on Zoodochou Pigis Street and at the junction of Emmanuel Benaki and Nikitara Streets.

The unknown assailant attacked the two women and after shutting their mouths he tried to rape them.

Fortunately, however, both of them managed to escape from his hands, while they immediately reported the incident to the AT Exarchion.

According to’s exclusive information, all three described the actor as of medium height, with open eyes and complexion, while they reported that he spoke broken English.

The police authorities have launched a manhunt to locate and capture the “dragon of Exarchia”.