With wild boars invading every corner of Evia and incredible scenes being recorded in every corner of the island, recently, the winter baths of a wild pig in Chalkida are expected to go viral.

The animal dived off the coast of Papathanasiou yesterday morning and started swimming on the capital’s beach.

Mr. Nestoras, a local fisherman, discovered the paradoxical sight while he was out in his boat to fish, at the spot.
As he describes on evima.gr, while he was fishing, he saw the animal passing by the boat.

At the same time, wild boars appeared in Chalkida between 1st gymnasium and Kuredi the night before yesterday.
These are points, too low in the city center.
A resident of the area recorded the animal with his mobile phone and sent the video to evima.gr.
“Serious and soon more serious” he described the phenomenon of the appearance of wild boars on evima.gr.

Wild boar visits to urban areas are on the rise, and according to experts, jackals, who are already approaching the cities, will follow.

The animals are now used to man and are not afraid of him, because they know that he is not a big threat.