A pan-Cretian rally was held in Heraklion for public health, focusing on the problems and deficiencies recorded in the island’s hospitals.

At the rally held in Heraklion’s Eleftheria Square in addition to the health workers, groups of demonstrators from all four regional units of the island participated, while in order for public and private employees to participate as well, a work stoppage was declared by ADEDY and the Labor Centers.

They also participated agencies, trade unions, but also organizations, students and retirees.

Among the requests was not to close, merge, abolish, any department, clinic, hospital or Health Center, the full staffing of public hospitals and health structures, increases in salaries and funding for health. The participants in the rally marched through the main streets of Heraklion, declaring that they will not stop the fight to claim “a decent health system that serves people”.

*Photo source cretalive.gr