The measures to support electricity bills for December were announced today by the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

Specifically, next month, subsidies for electricity in household tariffs and for all main and non-main residence services, without income criteria and regardless of providerare configured as follows:

For monthly consumptions up to 500kWh, the subsidy remains the same as the previous month and amounts to 25 Euro/MWh. This category occupies the 90% of households in Greece.

Those with a monthly consumption of more than 500 kWh will receive the same supportunder the condition will reduce by 15% the average daily energy consumption, compared to the corresponding last year.

For households included in the Social Household Tariff (COT), the aid amounts to 60 Euro/MWh for the total consumption and absorbs 100% of the increased cost.

– Furthermore for farmers, regardless of supply power and voltage level, the aid remains the same as last month and amounts to 25 Euro/MWhfor the total monthly consumption.

The value of electricity support for households and farmers, in December, exceeds a total of 34.7 million euros.