Dislocated by the Directorate of Economic Police, a criminal organization whose members committed criminal frauds at the expense of E.O.P.Y.Y. through virtual prescription of medical technology materials.

In order to deconstruct the organization, an operation was carried out yesterday, Thursday, November 30, 2023, by police officers of the Economic Police Directorate with the assistance of the Economic Police Sub-Directorate of Northern Greece, resulting in arrest of -5- members of the organization, including the leaders, while in the case file that was formed, another 33 people are included.

Against them, a case file was filed for -as the case may be- the formation and membership of a criminal organization, false declaration and fraud per se and by profession at the expense of the Greek State and N.P.D.D., forgery after use per se , bribery and bribery of an employee on a continuous basis for actions contrary to his duties, issuance and acceptance of fictitious tax data, money laundering from criminal activities, without the right to intervene in a personal data filing system, obtaining knowledge of such data and using it, illegal trafficking drugs and illegal possession of weapons, with a total benefit and corresponding loss exceeding the amount of 120,000 euros.

The structure of the criminal organization – How they operated

As it emerged from the investigation, the defendants, at least since January 2018, joined together and set up a criminal organization with an operational structure, continuous action and distinct roles, with the purpose of committing bribes, false statements and fraud against the National Service Provision Organization of Health (EOPYY), the illegal processing of personal data, as well as the legalization of the illegal revenues resulting from these operations.

In particular, the members of the organization systematically issued and executed virtual prescriptions of medical technology products, having formed for this purpose a network of companies importing and supplying products, which presented to E.O.P.Y.Y. the virtual prescriptions taking advantage of the contracts they had concluded with the Organization.

The illegal prescription was made by -29- doctors of different specialties without the knowledge of the patientswhile finding A.M.K.A. insured persons were made by members of the organization or drawn from a private clinic and diagnostic center, in the interests of those involved.

In fact, so that their movements are not noticed they mainly chose people who were old or in poor overall healthwhile in many prescription entries the same telephone numbers were listed, which corresponded to the people involved or were non-existent.

However, the organization, taking advantage of the distribution network they had developed and the structure and organization of their companies, concealed their illegal activity, integrating it within the framework of the legal operation and activity of the companies.

In this context they used “straw men” as legal representatives and members of the companies and in the event of a complaint they continued their activity through another company, either new or existing ones.

End, the legalization of their income was carried out through transactions between various companies of the organization in Greece and abroad and by taking large sums of money from “straw men”, while using these companies to finance a sports club owned by the chief member.

This illegal activity resulted in the loss of revenue for other companies that exclusively imported the above medical technology products as they had to pay a larger amount of automatic reimbursement of pharmaceutical expenses (clawback).

The total damage of the organization amounts to 539,847 euros

From the research so far, it appears that 1,215 virtual executions of prescriptions have been carried out at the A.M.K.A. 653 insured, while the total loss of E.O.P.Y.Y. amounts to 539,847 euros.

What did the investigations find?

Frauds at the expense of EOPYY

In searches carried out at the defendants’ homes and the headquarters of businesses, the following were found and confiscated:

  • a number of documents (invoices, proof of bank transactions, articles of association, etc.) concerning the companies involved
  • multitude of professional company seals,
  • number of withdrawal bank cards,
  • mobile phones and computers,
  • -92,255- euros,
  • -11,350- USD,
  • -2,300- UK pounds,
  • magazine pistol and
  • -63- unfired cartridges.

Those arrested were taken to the competent prosecuting authority.

It is reminded that citizens can contact, anonymously or by name, the telephone number 11012 or the website of the Greek State (gov.gr) “Complaint for financial crimes”, to provide information or to report illegal and fraudulent actions or activities against the sector of the economy, public property, as well as social and insurance welfare and rights.