The asphalting of Vasilissa Sofia, one of the most central roads in Attica, is in the implementation phase. The aim of the relevant works, which are being implemented with funding from the Region of Attica, is for L. Vasilissis Sofias to acquire a new image. The section from Alexandra Avenue to the Hilton has already been completed and within the first ten days of December the asphalt paving will be completed along its entire length. In addition, Vasilissis Sofias Avenue has new low-consumption Led lighting, as well as modern traffic lights.

The relevant works which are in progress also mark the completion of the project of the overall maintenance of the central road axes under the jurisdiction of the Attica Region.

At the same time, interventions are underway in the entire road network under the jurisdiction of the Region (safety barriers, signage, street lighting, traffic lights, greenery on the central islands, anti-flood shielding, repair of damaged road surfaces, addition of modern road safety infrastructure, model crossings, footbridges, etc. .). At the same time, a systematic effort is being made to improve road safety by utilizing modern technical means.

On the occasion of the related work, the Regional Governor of Attica G. Patoulis pointed out: “The protection of citizens’ lives is our first priority. Attica has changed radically in terms of road safety. This was achieved through systematic work and interventions implemented on the roads of our jurisdiction. Indicative examples include the following actions:

· Universal maintenance of the central road axes of Attica, with asphalt paving, replacement of lighting fixtures and LED traffic lights, improvement of markings and safety parapets.

· Informing citizens about road safety issues, through traffic education actions in schools and other public structures.

· Reinforcement of the repair shops of the Attica Region with modern machinery and equipment, for the immediate response to breakdowns and incidents in the road network.

All together, Central Administration Local Government and citizens, we can contribute to strengthening road safety”.