A total of 79 migrants are transferred to Heraklion which were spotted on Saturday morning at the Three Churches. According to the first information, they will temporarily be accommodated in the Portmen’s hall at the port of Heraklion.

According to the President of the Heraklion Port Organization Yannis Vardavas, the immigrants will be accommodated in the port workers’ room for as long as necessary, while they have already prepared the room and have been equipped with water and food.

“However, all this entails some costs, these cost quite a bit. Within two months about 180 people have come. But it is not so much a question of expenses, as that we must be ready in the future to welcome people in other spaces as well. The hall holds 40 people and 80 must be accommodated. This cannot continue,” he said, emphasizing that these suffering people must be accommodated in appropriate conditions.

In the porters’ hall there are medical personnel, the Red Cross and the Port Authority.

It is recalled that the boat in which the young men were on board has not yet been located.