A rally with a tractor and a motorized march were held at noon on Sunday in Tyrnavos by Agricultural Associations of the Municipality of Tyrnavos and the Panhellenic Block Committeeimplementing a relevant decision and on the occasion of the damages suffered by downy mildew producers of wine products.

“Downy mildew has reduced the production and income of farmers,” said the president of EOASNL, Rizos Maroudas, noting the need to change the ELGA regulation so that it insures and indemnifies production and capital at 100%, directly and fairly, against all natural risks and diseases, without exceptions and at all stages of production.

Mr. Maroudas emphasized that similar actions are taking place in other regions of the country, reminding that collective decisions are expected to be taken at the All-Hellenic meeting in Nice (10/12), and announcing mobilizations for tree crops as well, on December 13.

On the side of the Tyrnavit farmers were also their colleagues from Elassona, with the president of AS Geranias Elassonas, Giannis Papadimitriou, to underline that the district of Elassonas also faces a similar problem, participating in the mobilization to highlight the problems and the immediate satisfaction of the requests for the support of the agricultural income. “This is a dynamic rally, as the vine cultivation in Tyrnavos was lost due to downy mildew.

Now there is a question of survival”, commented the president of AS Tyrnavos and new mayor of Tyrnavos, Stelios Tsikritsis, while taking the floor the president of AS Damasios, Dinos Mousiaris, stated that the aim of the farmers of the earthquake affected area is to stay in their place and claim to continue cultivating their land.

Tyrnavos farmers

“Our crops were heavily damaged. It doesn’t take us any longer to keep our hands crossed. Let’s raise our voice and send a loud message to the government, demanding that they give us what we are entitled to,” the farmers concluded.