The second round of the “Tourism for All” program foresees more beneficiaries and now everything is ready for the platform to open in January and the submission of applications to begin.

As the Ministry of Tourism underlines, the program will concern more potential beneficiaries, as well the income criteria are broadenedwhile the beneficiaries who will receive an enhanced amount are added new, sensitive social groupsas are those with many children.

At the same time, the amount that all drawn beneficiaries will receive will be increased compared to the 1st round.

The application platform will be activated in January of the new year and thus the program will be spread over the next two winter seasons, so that the demand from Greek citizens can be extended to the mountainous regions of the country.

“The domestic program now addresses many more potential beneficiaries, as we have increased the income criteria and included more sensitive social categories. We are interested in it being used by the beneficiaries for the two winter periods included in the program. In this way we will be able to strengthen the mountainous regions of the country, those regions that operate outside the summer season. We hope that “Tourism for all” will find a response and more and more potential beneficiaries will make use of the program and in this way we will strengthen the domestic tourism of the country as well as the regional development”, said the Minister of Tourism, Olga Kefalogianni.