“No other additions” said Becirovic: “The roster of Panathinaikos AKTOR remains like this until the end of the season”


Finally the additions to the Panathinaikos AKTOR roster for the current season. The general manager of the team in an interview with the Serbian website, mozzart sport, revealed that until the end of the season there will be no more player acquisitions with the team’s roster remaining as it is until the end of the season.

“There is pressure, anticipation for the new season, reinforcements. Everyone thought we would win by 20 points. It is the average fan who simply looks through the eyes of the names that have come. “We at the club knew it was going to be tough because the Euroleague is extremely strong. It was not in our favor that the first match was against Olympiakos and it is known that the score was in favor of our big rival. The beginning of the season was difficult because the pressure was really huge and we created it with some things. A lot of players are playing for the first time in a giant like Panathinaikos and maybe they didn’t do well with it, but now it’s different. We had four consecutive wins to stabilize ourselves. I expect that in a month we will see the real picture because with the arrival of Kendrick Nunn we are fully covered. The team remains as it is until the end of the season”Becirovic reported.

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Source: Sport Fm

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