It all started in 2004 when the first Christmas theme park in Greece, Oniroupoli, opened in the unspoiled city of Drama. It was a unique achievement that became a reality, thanks to the creative and active team of Grigoris Avanidis and the initiative of the then mayor Thomas Margaritis who was looking for ways to make the city and the wider region of eastern Macedonia a pole of attraction for visitors, in an effort to stimulate the local economy.

That venture not only succeeded, but grew and gave the stimulus to many other municipalities in the country to organize and operate similar Christmas theme parks. However, the Dream City of Drama, it always remains one of the most popular Christmas holiday destinations.

Today, twenty full years later, the Dream Town of Drama is the largest Christmas village in northern Greece, with thousands of visitors from Greece and the southern Balkan countries, who come to Drama to experience moments of magic and carefree.

The anniversary Dream Town celebrates its birthday this year, turns twenty years old, and the program of events prepared by the organizers is truly impressive.

Dream city

This year’s event is a bet

A symbol of magic and joy, the theme park is celebrating its 20th birthday, offering the city of Drama and the entire surrounding area a unique experience of Christmas magic. This year’s event is a real bet for all involved who promise to create an unforgettable festive environment that will not be just an event, but an important chapter in the mosaic of local culture and social life.

In his annual message, the outgoing mayor of Drama, Christodoulos Mamsakos, emphasizes, among other things, that “since 2004, the love of the visitors to Oniroupolis has made Drama the capital of Christmas. Different, free activities, artistic events and thematic workshops are offered every day. We expect the visitors to have unique experiences again this year and to become the protagonists themselves in the unique Christmas fairy tale.”

M. Tassos: “We grew up together with Oniroupoli”

The popular performer Ivi Adamou gave the impetus for the start of this year’s Dream City in the park of Drama, full of young and old, in the heart of the city, where the event has been hosted all these years. Until January 7 and with free entry for all, the great Christmas celebration of northern Greece will fill the hearts and memories of young and old.

“Over the years, the route of Oniroupolis has given us unique paths to walk with our friends, with our families, to create beautiful holiday memories, to all become one big group”, emphasizes in his message the Deputy Mayor for Culture Michalis Tassos and continues “we grew up with her and we know that our children will also grow up with her and every ride will be just as magical and bright to light up our festive days”.

Dream city

The actions and events of Oniroupolis

In Oniuropolis, visitors can enjoy many and varied activities for free, such as:

– Santa’s House: The opportunity for children to meet Santa and share their wishes.

– Face painting – Elf Atelier: Young and old will be able to transform into elves with colored faces and painting games.

– The Soap Factory of Oniroupolis: An activity for little friends who want to create their own magical soap.

– The Dreamtown Post Office: All visitors can send their wishes to their loved ones through the Dreamtown Post Office.

Dream city

Aiming for social sensitivity

Many other “houses” await visitors, including the Houses of the Hellenic Guide Corps, Oniuropolis Radio, Traffic Education, Paraplegic Association, Drama Ladies’ Union – House of Open Hospitality, Drama Lions Club, Red Cross, High UNHCR, Alistratis Cave, Friends of Animals and Social Structures.

The above actions aim to raise visitors’ awareness of important social issues, such as disability, refugees, animal protection and social solidarity.

The Oniroupolis Visitor Information Center provides information about Oniroupolis, the city’s activities and attractions. The aim is to help visitors plan their trip and get the most out of their stay in Drama.

Dream City of Drama is open on weekdays until December 23, 10:00 – 14:00 & 17:00 – 21:00 and all weekends. From December 24th to January 2nd it operates continuously from 10:00 in the morning to 21:00 at night.

Information on the Oniroupolis page on Facebook and on the phone 2521401467.