Reporting by Makis Synodinos

The suspect for the murder of the 43-year-old woman in Salamina was arrested. According to the first information, he was arrested in a car in Keratsini, which belonged to the murdered woman. Immediately after his arrest, the suspect was transferred to Piraeus security.

According to police sources, the 70-year-old was identified by the imprint of his mobile phone. According to the same sources, when asked where the victim’s mobile phone is, he replied that he had taken it, but forgot it in a cafe.

What the police dispatch said:

The transfer specifically mentions:

“She was in a relationship with the above for the last 7 years. The above incident took place around 22:40 on 01/12/2023 in a house where she lived together with her 15-year-old son (from her previous husband) in the area of ​​Kaki Vigla-Salamina. After the perpetrator raped the 15-year-old and herself, he took the victim’s car and fled.”

After this incident and the 43-year-old’s complaint, the police installed the panic button on her mobile phone, but the woman did not have time to press it this morning.

The statements of the neighbors of the 43-year-old from Salamina are shocking

The statements of the neighbors of the 43-year-old woman from Salamina who met a tragic death in the morning at her parents’ house are shocking.

Almost all of the statements taken and reviewed by the homicide detectives describe a torture the woman experienced at the hands of her partner.

“A few days ago there had been a big fight and P.X (partner’s name) had beaten her badly.
PG (victim’s name) was shouting for someone to help her and that PG had taken her mobile phone and car.”

Another report specifically states:

“G. (Victim’s name) must have been hit by her partner because 3-4 days ago we saw her limping and using a P.”