The railway connection on the main Athens-Thessaloniki axis, which had been interrupted due to the disasters caused by the bad weather “Daniel” and “Elias”, is being restored, after the arrival, late at night, of the first commercial train at the Thriasio Freight Center.

Until December 16, only freight trains will run on the railway axis, in order to decongest freight centers as quickly as possible. From December 16, passenger trains will also be running, in order to fully restore rail service.

Within the first months of 2024, the final restoration works of both the main axis and the two other railway sections, Larisa – Volos and Paleofarsalos – Kalambaka, as well as the Pelion tourist line will begin.

With the completion of the work on the temporary restoration of the descent line in the section from Domoko to Larissa with electrification, the OSE carried out, with a recording train, the prescribed measurements, in order to certify the line before it is put into traffic, as required by the relevant regulations.

From the processing of the measurements the line was measured as suitable for speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour. However, the operating speed is set at 80 kilometers per hour, due to the restoration work of the riser line. Also, the contact line was checked, as well as all facilities related to electrification.