Reporting by Makis Synodinos

“It was 7:10 to 7:15. We heard 3-4 shots and nothing else. We went outside but because the club was in the alley we didn’t see anything or the car. A customer who came to the store later said he saw a black Jeep speeding away. A little later we heard sirens from ambulances and police cars.” This is one of the testimonies collected by the security men who are on Yakhu Street in Gazi, where shots were fired early this morning and 3 men were taken to the hospital.

According to police sources, the scenario being considered is that the target was the club in Gazi and not the three injured, two of whom are brothers. However, they do not exclude the fact that there was an altercation between the injured and the occupants of the jeep.

In the hospital “G. “Births” have been rushed by the security police so that as soon as they get the “green” light from the doctors, they will take statements from the Cretans to rule out the scenario that they were the targets themselves and not the club. From the spot, the police collected 4 shell casings from 9 rounds.

As for the identity of the jeep, all the reports state that it was dark in color, while sources state that from the video material they have collected, they will know its identity very soon.