Investigation of criminal fraud amounting to 650,000 euros against a company – verification of the activity of a criminal organization – arrest of three members and identification of four more – they were buying and selling properties of particularly high value, which they did not own.

From the Directorate of Protection of Property Rights, Cultural Heritage and Environment of the Directorate of Security of Attica, a criminal fraud against a company was detectedunder the pretext of buying and selling a particularly valuable property in Elliniko Attica.

A related complaint was filed, the investigation of which revealed the activity of a criminal organization in this area, while in a police operation carried out on the morning of Saturday, December 16, 2023, 3 members of the organization were identified and arrested.

Against them, as well as against other members, of whom -4- they have been identified, a criminal case was filed for criminal organization, fraud, forgery after use, usurpation of a false certificate, by complicity, committed and attempted, of which the intended financial benefit exceeds the amount of 120,000 euros, per se, money laundering and illegal processing of personal data.

In particular, as emerged from the investigation, the defendants at least from July 2023 had joined together and set up a criminal organization with an operational structure and continuous action, with the purpose of committing the criminal acts of fraud and forgery.

In more detail, the members of the organization, by order of the leading member, they falsely introduced themselves either as proxies or as mediators of owners of plots of land – real estate, or even presented themselves as their owners, using fake identity cards and, without the knowledge of the real owners, persuaded their victims to gather supporting documents to draw up a contract of sale in front of a notary public, for the purpose of the virtual transfer of real estate, for which they required an advance agreement, a preliminary agreement and a final contract.

In fact, in order to achieve their goal, the members of the organization did not hesitate to even change personal codes, through the competent services, violating personal data and seizing necessary documents-certificates, while proceeding with corresponding partial payments of the price, either in cash, in cheques, or by transfer to their own bank accounts, using the financial system.

In this way, between October and November 2023, they defrauded a company, which is active in the purchase and exploitation of real estate and which expressed a desire to purchase -3- neighboring plots of land in Elliniko Attica. The company in question advanced an amount of 650,000 euros, however, the fraud was noticed when during a survey the real owner of the property was identified as well as that two of the three plots had already been sold a few days ago.

From the body searches and the searches carried out in the homes of the arrested members of the organization, the following were found and confiscated:

·false identity card used to sign the preliminary agreement,

· -43,500- euros,

· a number of round seals of various administrative authorities and

· -5- mobile phones.

It is noted that the members of the organization had already cashed checks in the amount of 425,000 euros, while the total threatened financial loss, if they continued this particular fraud, amounts to -5,650,000- euros, an amount which corresponds to the commercial value of the plot under sale.

In fact, the arrest of the members of the organization during their meeting for the future purchase and sale of the already pre-sold plot to a new prospective buyer, demonstrates their intention to continue their criminal activity to deceive even more natural or legal persons, with the aim of maximizing of their illegal profit.

Those arrested were taken to the competent prosecuting authority, while the investigation to verify their involvement in other cases continues.