Shocking testimony for the dead baby in Thermi: “I saw it naked and frozen on the grass”


The testimonies of the people who found the dead baby in the cemeteries of Thermi, in Thessaloniki, are shocking.

“When the cleaner called me about the baby he had found, I ran to see it, it was a baby naked and frozen on the grass. “I was shocked when I saw it, of course it was so small and I immediately called the service”, said Leonidas Boubougiatzis, in charge of the tomb-excavation worker in the cemeteries of the Resurrection of the Lord, shocked.

It’s a matter of time before the mother is arrested

It is a matter of time before the mother of the dead baby is arrested as according to valid information from the security she has been identified. The police authorities used the material from the security cameras of the cemeteries and ended up locating her identity.

It is recalled that the dead baby was found in the early hours of Wednesday when strangers called the Immediate Action and reported that there was a dead newborn in the cemetery.

According to the information of, the dead baby was found frozen and without a trace of blood above the area Covid-19 in the Resurrection Cemetery of the Lord. In fact, the baby was found with the umbilical cord and the initial information stated that the woman probably entered at night and gave birth there. However, all possibilities for exactly how the incident happened are being considered.

Here the dead baby was found:

The Deputy Mayor of Environment of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Erotokritos Theotokatos, stated to that “The baby should not have turned six months old. The employees found it, the AT Pylaia came, but now the Security and the medical examiner have taken over the case “.

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