Not to give money to children who work on the street because they perpetuate child labor, ARSIS – Social Organization for the Support of Youth urges citizens, on the occasion of the holidays when the phenomenon of child labor becomes more intense.

ARSIS advises those who want to help the children they see working on the street to give them something useful such as water, foods, clothes and games.

According to an announcement by the organization, from last September until November, the Street Work Group of the Youth Support Center (YNS) of ARSIS has identified 88 minor children, boys and girlsto work on its streets Thessaloniki.

The 55 were identified to they demand or participate in child labor and the remaining 33 are children who are either related to the phenomenon of dropping out of compulsory schooling, or are in danger exploitation or neglect.

The countries of origin of the children are Albaniathe Bulgariathe Romania and the Hellas.

“Children often work in dangerous environments, long hours and with little financial compensation. It is vital for all of us, citizens, societies, governments and international organizations to work together to eliminate the phenomenon of child labour.