An urgent disciplinary preliminary examination was requested by the General Secretary of Anti-Criminal Policy to be carried out by the Piraeus Primary Prosecutor’s Office, in order to clarify the circumstances under which what happened on Christmas night (December 25, 2023) took place and was made public on social media from a mobile phone which was illegally in the possession of a prisoner, in the Korydallos penitentiary.

A photo has been posted showing inmates in a cell enjoying a lavish table with drinks inside a cell, being photographed by another inmate with a cell phone.

The preliminary examination will also investigate the existence of disciplinary and criminal responsibilities of the employees of the particular penitentiary.

As stated in a statement by the GGAP, an additional order was given for an immediate search of the cells of the prisoners depicted in the relevant photographic material, where two mobile phone devices were found and confiscated, one of which stored the photo that saw the light of day. At the same time, under the responsibility of the supervising prosecutor of the penitentiary, a disciplinary procedure was initiated for the depicted prisoners.

In the announcement it is emphasized that, “the assignment of disciplinary and criminal responsibilities to those who violate the laws and the rules of the penal policy is for the General Secretariat of Anti-Criminal Policy a permanent process to ensure the fundamental goal of the observance of legality”.