It was published on first announcement on the basis of the new law 5062/2023 on the “Selecting the Management of Public Bodies and Strengthening their Efficiency”, which concerns the staffing of the Administrations of the seven Health Regions (H.P.) of the country.

THE announcement is uniform and concerns the filling of 21 positions of Governors and Deputy Governors of the seven Health Regions of the country. It is also a harbinger of the second uniform announcement for the staffing of the country’s Hospital Administrations, the publication of which will follow shortly.

In the announcement for the H.E. the conditions and required qualifications that the interested parties must possess in order to submit a candidacy application are detailed, as well as detailed instructions for completing the application and a thorough description of the selection process.

The start date for the submission of applications by those interested is set for Thursday, January 18 at 8 am. and closing date is Monday, January 29 at 2 p.m.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Health and the A.S.E.P. they worked intensively throughout the previous period in order to start issuing the notices in record time. It is recalled that the relevant law was published on November 3rd, while on December 4th the Act of the Council of Ministers was issued to define the State entities that fall within the scope of the law, one month earlier than the institutionally prescribed deadline for publication.

The detailed call for interest has been posted at the online address: kalypsh-twn-thesewn-dioikhtwn-kai-ypodioikhtwn-twn-ygeionomikwn-perifereiwn

The Minister of the Interior, Niki Kerameos stated: “A few weeks after the passing of the new law, which puts additional filters of meritocracy, transparency and objectivity in the selection of public administrations, the first uniform announcement for the administrators of the country’s health districts is already published and following is the announcement for hospital administrators. The executives who will be selected will have increased qualifications and abilities. We signal the change of mentality in the public administration, the relationship of respect that we want to strengthen with the citizens, so that they can enjoy better services. Our first priority is health, which is why the first notices issued pursuant to the law concern the sensitive area of ​​health.”

The Minister of Health, Michalis Chrysochoidis stated: “The Health Regions are the highest level of administration of the National Health System. Administrators undertake to carry out a mission, with increased tasks, which require increased qualifications that combine knowledge and experience, both in the field of administration and in the field of health. We need competent commanders, selected with objective criteria, based on their qualifications, as defined in the respective provisions, who will share our vision for the reconstitution of the NSS. Starting with the Commanders and Deputy Commanders of the 7 Ministry of Health, we are paving the way for the matching of qualifications and abilities. The Hospital Administrations will follow, in the same pattern. Our goal is the meritocratic staffing of the administrative hierarchy of the Health Regions and Hospitals, so that the response to the tasks and the predetermined goals is a common place, in order for the Directorates of the Health and Human Services to function as a model for the Administrations of the Hospitals”.

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