The 35-year-old defendant is being sent to prison after his apology for the fatal stabbing of his father, in the early hours of New Year’s Eve, in the family’s apartment, in Peristeri.

The defendant for manslaughter by intent and use of a weapon is reported to have stated before the investigator that he regretted the crime while he repeated what he had told the police about the extreme violence the family was experiencing from the father.

On the fateful night, the accused seems to claim that his father was drunk, he beat him and that he himself, fearing that the victim would once again turn against his mother, took a knife and hit him in the abdomen with the intention of not kill him but stop him.

Her son’s allegations about the victim’s abusive behavior seem to be confirmed by the mother, who has claimed that her husband was violent towards her as well as their children.

After the 35-year-old’s confession, the investigator and prosecutor sentenced the accused to pre-trial detention.