What happened on day of death of her eldest daughter, Georginadescribed in Mixed Jury Court, Roula Pispirigou who continued her apology today and after about a month and a half that the trial had been suspended due to the abstention of the lawyers.

A year after Georgina’s high-dose ketamine manslaughter trial began, the accused denied any involvement of her own in the death of the nine-year-old girlgave her own version of what happened on January 29, 2022 when Georgina ended up in Aglaia Kyriakou Children’s Hospital.

Sobbing h Rula Pispirigou she said: “When I saw the child… I said why did you leave me alone? Why you too? What was going on? I swore at that time that I would find out what had happened. I have no relation. I don’t know about ketamines or anything. It is more honest to admit a mistake than to make up stories. I didn’t hear a “maybe” from any doctor or nurse. All of them categorical. Not even a “maybe”. A lot of exaggeration. How much more?”

The 35-year-old woman questioned the times given by the Hospital doctors on the fateful day for the child’s progressbeginning with the time he is alleged to have given notice that the girl was putting on tights. “It’s a lie that I notified at 14:28 because that’s when I called Manos and told him he was in intensive care,” he said. Mentioning one by one the calls and the duration of each one, the accused questioned, naming a specific doctor with whom she had spoken at the time she said she went to the intensive care unit: “he said he came down at 14:35. While at 14:33 I gave him the phone to speak to another doctor. Five minute call! How is this possible? To save his position? It is a shame (says the doctor) this thing. At 14:38 I pick up Manos and at 14:39 Mr. Papagiannis (director of the Pediatric Cardiology Clinic of Onasei) picks me up to tell me that he talked to the doctors and that he would look at the pacemaker signals…”.

Describing Georgina’s last day, the defendant said: “When January 29 dawned, the child had no contact. At noon, I started to see on the oximeter again that it was increasing pressures. The child could not cry or raise her arms. When I saw this I immediately went out into the corridor to call the doctors. I didn’t shout in all the episodes. I could speak softly. Although agitated, I should say “something is happening, come on”, but I have never had squeals”, said the 35-year-old and continued: “I went to the nurses’ station and said “she is having an episode”. What she (the nurse) said, “I took it upon myself, I took the initiative on my own”, I don’t understand why she said it. In order to reach the nurses, he goes to say that my child was asking for something. I saw outside the window of her room that they were massaging the child. The first call I made was to Manos who was at KTEL. I was saying to myself “what is finally happening?”. I remember at one point Mr. Giuvas (doctor) came out and told me “Georgina will not make it”. My first reaction was to tell him he’s been in for a while because last time he came back after an hour. I say to him “how did he have a seizure since he has a pacemaker?”. He told me that he didn’t know and went inside to continue.”

The defendant claimed that at some point she heard the child’s cry and so she got Manos Daskalakis to tell him “don’t worry, I heard her”. However, as she said, a little later a nurse informed her that the child was intubated. “There is panic, doors are opening and closing, chaos. Giuvas asked to be taken to an office. She told me Georgina didn’t make it. I say “How? Why? He had a pacemaker!”. He told me that he doesn’t know and they will inform me.”

Earlier the 35-year-old defendant repeated her position that her head Children’s ICU at the University Hospital in Rio Andreas Iliadis leaked medical information about Georgina and messages he had exchanged with her to certain media outlets. She also referred to threats she said she had received during this time, presenting to the court an abusive message sent to her by a female actress.