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TRAINOSE: How will the passengers who suffered from the bad weather “Elpis” get the 1000 euros?


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Three ways to compensate those who suffered from the bad weather “Elpis” announced the ΤΡΑΙΝΟΣΕ:

Either with cash of 1,000 euros, or with coupons of unlimited duration of greater value by 150 euros, or with coupons worth 550 euros and cash of 500 euros.

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Specifically, TRAINOSE announced that it is proceeding to extraordinary financial support 1,000 euros (and alternatively 1,150 euros in an unlimited voucher or 550 euros in an unlimited voucher and 500 euros in cash) in full payment to passengers affected by the interruption on February 24 and 25.

As the company emphasizes in its announcement, despite the fact that the management of the infrastructure of the railway network does not fall within its responsibilities, TRAINOSE SA. proceeds to compensate passengers following a suggestion by the Ministry of Transport as an additional measure.

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TRAINOSE SA regrets the inconvenience caused to the passenger public, despite its efforts to resolve the problems that have arisen in the best possible way: providing accommodation to passengers who could not continue their journey, using buses as an alternative, providing food where it was feasible.

It is also pointed out that the company allocated resources for the release of citizens from Attiki Odos, by launching a special train that operated from Monday afternoon until Tuesday afternoon, between Larissa Airport and SS, in consultation with the Civil Protection and the ministry. Transport.

The company has already proceeded with the compensations deriving from the European Passenger Regulation 1371. Also, after the announcements of the Minister of Transport, and while the investigation of the circumstances of the events is in progress, extraordinary financial support is planned for each passenger of the trains 54, 55, 56, 57 and 885.

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