The facts that come to light from the tragic case of the infant in Imathia who lost his life at the hands of his own mother are shocking.

According to information from ThessToday, the 37-year-old was a student in the tragic class of 2003, when 21 children lost their lives in an accident in the Tempe Valley.

The Greek society is shocked to watch yet another tragic case with the protagonist this time being the 37-year-old mother, who on Tuesday afternoon ended the life of her own baby, in front of the eyes of her two minor daughters.

The woman was arrested and a case was filed against her for homicide, while according to information from, in addition to postpartum depression, she also suffers from a very serious mental illness.

According to information from, the 37-year-old mother studied in the same class as the students who were killed 21 years ago, spreading sadness in Makrohori. She herself had not gone on the excursion.

According to information, the tragic event happened at noon on Tuesday. The grandparents of the unfortunate infant were alerted by his siblings, to rush to their daughter’s house where they found the child and then went to Veria Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

A team of the Hellenic Police was immediately found at the Hospital, which will investigate exactly the circumstances under which the unfortunate boy lost his life.