A plan of special targeted actions with three main directions, to deal with “juvenile delinquency”, is being drawn up by the Ministry of Citizen Protection and the competent services of the Hellenic Police, by order of the minister, Michalis Chrysochoidis, in the context of the major changes that he had essentially announced the minister from the day he took office, speaking of immediate reforms at all levels.

At the same time, the return of police officers who had been seconded by the Immediate Action, the DIAS Team and the Traffic Police, to other services, even for the guarding of persons or the province, for whom he had requested the immediate revocation of their secondments, is progressing at a rapid pace Mr. Chrysochoidis.

Already, according to information from officials of the ministry, until the day before yesterday more than half of those whose deployment was revoked had returned to the DIAS team and about 80% of those trained for the call center of the ‘Immediate Action’, who had also moved.

With regard to the delinquency of minors, on the occasion of the continuous incidents of violence that have created discomfort and concern in public opinion, the actions of the ministry will move along the following axes:

First, mapping the areas where repeated incidents of violence between minors have been found, in order to look for the causes that contribute to the development of such phenomena in the specific areas.

Secondly, strengthening patrols in these areas, alongside a general increase in “front line” forces, as well as strengthening the Juvenile Services of the Security, in order to get people out on the street and gather evidence without delay on each case.

And thirdly, cooperation with municipalities and other competent bodies, the social service and the psychologists of the Greek National Police, as well as the scientific community, in order to analyze the phenomenon and lay the foundations for a holistic treatment of it.

“The delinquency of minors is at the top of the priorities set by the minister, as we are talking about children and it is wrong to treat them like common and organized crime and it is not only a police issue,” said an associate of the Minister of Protection to APE-MPE Citizen and noted that the competent services are already working on the issue, with the obligation to submit a comprehensive proposal for handling it as soon as possible.

As regards the main priorities set by Michalis Chrysochoidis, they concern the following immediate actions:

Strengthening of cutting-edge services such as Direct Action, DIAS and Traffic, services related to citizens’ everyday life. There will be an emphasis on visible policing with increased patrols and an increased DIAS presence in neighborhoods, on the streets. The first goal is to double the power of DIAS, in order to cover most of the neighborhoods of Attica.

In this context, orders were issued by order of the minister for the recall of 200 detachments from the DIAS team, and their return to patrols. As it became known from the ministry, about 500 police officers of the DIAS Group had been assigned in recent years to other services, guarding persons and in the province. The recall of the first 200 detachments was immediately issued and by Friday over 100 had returned and rejoined patrols.

At the same time, more than 80% of the police officers who had been deployed elsewhere returned to the Immediate Action center, emptying the call center.

Mr. Chrysochoidis’ staff points out that during his previous term as an extra-parliamentary minister, from July 2019 to August 2021, 100 male and female police officers had gone through special training for the call center of the ‘Immediate Action’, but in then several left. This resulted in a delay in the response to the calls to the ‘Immediate Action’, but also in the management of the incidents.

Colleagues of Mr. Chrysochoidis emphasize that since his previous term he had set as a “red line” the non-removal of personnel from the patrols and other “first line” services, so now all those who have left will return.

As pointed out by the ministry, the strengthening of police services will contribute to the fight against crime, including juvenile delinquency, but also other social phenomena, such as domestic violence. They also remind that Michalis Chrysochoidis was the one who created the Directorate for Dealing with Incidents of Domestic Violence and had also established the first Departments in the Police Departments, starting with the Peristeri Department.

Regarding Traffic, emphasis will be placed on:

* in the strengthening of special forces to deal with the violations that are due to dangerous and aggressive driving behavior and are the cause of very serious traffic accidents and

* in the control of violations that affect traffic and inconvenience citizens, such as double parking, parking on ramps for the disabled, on bus bends, etc.

A study has been prepared for traffic issues and targeted actions will be developed based on the time, time, and place where the most violations are observed.

Another important issue is the Police Departments and Security Departments, which have entered the “frame” of the changes being promoted and decisions have been made to strengthen them.

However, as the officials of the Ministry of Citizen Protection emphasize, the plans cannot proceed without the persons who will be in charge of their implementation.

For this reason, the minister has asked to speed up the crisis in the Police, so that each officer assumes his responsibilities for the implementation of the reforms and plans.

According to Michalis Chrysochoidis himself, as he pointed out on the day of assuming his duties, “the reforms that were planned three years ago will be updated and implemented… We have fallen behind in our mission and we have to run”.

The crises will also play a role in the changes that Michalis Chrysochoidis has set as his goal, administrative and organizational, as well as in the field of lifelong education through the Police Academy, while, at the same time, immediate priority will be given to evaluation, grades and mobility in the internal body, with the aim of optimal utilization of the Greek Police officers.

For this purpose, the minister’s associates emphasize, the officers of the Hellenic Armed Forces will be evaluated “from scratch” and promotions and placements will be made with absolute merit-based criteria, while the immediate goals are to change the balance in the forces with reinforcements mainly in Attica and Thessaloniki.