It is constantly expanding the network of publicly accessible PPC blue chargers nationwide, making the world of electric mobility part of the daily life of more and more drivers. At the end of 2023, PPC blue charging points exceeded 2,000 nationwide, facilitating electric vehicle drivers in their daily commutes. In 2023, PPC blue also doubled the locations of charging stations by adding 277 new locations to its network. Several of these are located at key points on the road network, thus making short or long-distance journeys easy for drivers without worrying about running out of battery.

In addition, for even faster charging, users of the PPC blue network can charge their electric vehicles at the fast chargers with a power of up to 300 kW HPDC, which at the end of 2023 exceeded 230 nationwide. At fast chargers, drivers can charge their vehicle’s battery within minutes, and continue their journey without delays.

At the same time, in 2023 the PPC blue application was enriched with even more services that make charging the electric vehicle an even easier and pleasant experience for drivers. For example, the ability to reserve a fast charger, the ability to connect a private charger was added, while registered members gained access to a number of benefits and rewards, such as Roadside Assistance with cover in the event of a vehicle discharge, Energy Fridays and Energy Nights discounts, and other benefits. This resulted in a more than doubling of the base of drivers registered in 2023 on the PPC blue app, as well as a more than doubling of charging sessions through the app.

PPC blue’s contribution to the environment was also important, as all the charging carried out on PPC blue’s public network was done with 100% green energy, coming from Renewable Sources. At the end of 2023, PPC blue contributed to the cumulative savings of more than 1,460 tons of carbon dioxide, increasing the positive environmental footprint of electric mobility.

PPC, as a leading force in energy, responding to its commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection, recognized its role in the penetration and development of electric mobility in the country. With a vehicle, the PPC blue brand offers comprehensive services, making electric mobility affordable and accessible to everyone through its network of chargers.

PPC blue is already the largest network of chargers in Greece. PPC continues to invest, constantly adding new chargers and strengthening the existing infrastructure, so that PPC blue service chargers reach even more points across the country with ever faster charging speeds.

PPC blue: The wonderful world of electric mobility

The world of PPC blue is a whole world of personalized services, based on green energy and giving access to the advantages of electric mobility. All you need to charge on the PPC blue network is to download the PPC blue app, which is available for Apple and Android devices.

In the PPC blue app, electric vehicle drivers can quickly and easily locate the nearest charging point, book the available fast charger that serves them, charge by paying with their digital wallet and organize their trips by planning stops and charging time. Registered members in the PPC blue application benefit from offers and have access to personalized services, making their journey even more pleasant and comfortable.

With the “PPC blue Trips” service, they can safely organize their routes, planning stops and charging time, while they can monitor real-time traffic on the road network, in order to better manage and save their vehicle’s battery . With the fast charger booking service, they are freed from the stress of finding available fast charging stations along their route, while they can enter their electric vehicle model to locate suitable charging points.