Instagrammable, travel-inspired bar brings together street food from various countries in SP


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Close to the Fradique Coutinho subway (about a 15-minute walk), in the western region of São Paulo, it is possible to try street food from several countries at the same address. Trip Food’s proposal, in Pinheiros, is to bring fast and tasty “backpack food”, as well as drinks and beers.

The bar and restaurant, which already has three units in Belo Horizonte (MG), brings together international flavors, without gourmet dishes, adapted to the Brazilian palate. There, customers have the pleasure of exploring the streets of Belgium, South Korea, Mexico, Germany, the Czech Republic, Canada, Uruguay, Poland or Argentina, for example.


Trip Food, in Pinheiros, in the capital – Personal archive

The idea came about after a trip through Europe –backpacking style– by owners Tamara Lacerda and Lucas Meireles. After returning to Brazil, they decided to include international snacks on the menu, with affordable prices, also promoting the experience of a cultural exchange in the environment.

Upon entry, the visitor receives an individual ticket. On the left, there is a small bus, inspired by the vehicle used by the duo when visiting the Atacama Desert, in Chile. The immersion in the travel theme continues with a decorative plate, with directions and distances, to cities and countries, such as Istanbul, Salvador, China, Peru and Japan.

The space is Instagrammable and decorated with flags on the ceiling and walls: Slovakia, Tunisia, Australia, Portugal, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Iceland and Thailand are some of the nations represented there. In the background, there is a screen made up of nine televisions. Last Saturday (13), there was the broadcast of an NFL match, an American football league, between the Kansas City Chiefs teams, Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes’ team, and the Miami Dolphins, owned by quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

In addition to an illuminated globe suspended in the center of the room, LED signs are also prominent in the place. The phrases “traveling is changing the clothes of your soul”, “I have all the dreams in the world within me” and “happiness is only real when shared” are written in vibrant colors.

The menu features starters and snacks well known to Brazilians, which vary between R$ 23.90 and R$ 38.90, and includes chicken fillets, beef minced meat, kibbeh stuffed with cream cheese, tapioca cubes with pepper jelly, coxinha and shredded termite.

For portions, classics and sandwiches, the origin of the dish is indicated with little flags next to the options. Travelers can try the Canadian poutine (R$ 29.90 for the small version and R$ 36.90 for the large version), which consists of French fries covered in cheese and hot sauce, the Polish zapiekanka (R$ 37.90 ), a baguette accompanied by tomato sauce, onion paste, mozzarella, sauces and filling or the traditional Argentine choripán (R$ 38.90), with bread, chimichurri sauce and homemade sausage.

Those who like food with more intense spices can try the bunny chow (R$ 54.90), a South African dish with chicken or vegetable curry served inside bread, the currywurst (R$ 45.90), with sausages German veal, curry ketchup and potatoes or the Mexican portion of fries covered with chilli sauce (beans, ground beef, chilli pepper and spices), torched cheese, guacamole and crunchy Doritos (R$ 64.90).

Poutine at Trip Food

Poutine at Trip Food – Disclosure

Desserts have Mexican, Czech and French options, respectively: el chavito (R$ 31.90), served with ice cream, stuffed mini churros, crushed cookies and chocolate sauce, trdelník (R$ 39.90), a pastry sweet and spiral with ice cream filling with dulce de leche or ice cream with Nutella and, finally, the creme brulée (R$ 25.90), made with milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla, dulce de leche and a burnt sugar crust with blowtorch.

The drinks menu has 35 options. The pink boomerang (R$ 40.90) – the most popular order in the house – contains vodka, pitaya, green apple syrup, passion fruit pulp, Red Bull Pitaya and whipped cream topping. The pisco sour (R$ 30.90), typical in Chile, the michelada (R$ 30.90), from Mexico, and the mojito, from Cuba, are also available.

Non-alcoholic drinks include natural orange or lemon juice (R$ 13.90), Italian soda (R$ 14.90), orange juice with strawberry jam (R$ 15.90), soda (R$ 8, 90) and still or sparkling water (R$ 5.90).

Trip Food is pet-friendly and also accepts Ticket Restaurante, Sodexo and Alelo meals. From Friday to Sunday, there is live music.

Trip Food Vila Madalena

  • Where R. Mourato Coelho, 972, Pinheiros, western region
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Source: Folha

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